To join our Discord – click this link

To join our game server, if you have FiveM client installed – click this link (IP:
Or just search in servers list for San Andreas Pilots.

IMPORTANT NOTE 1: Your server game nickname will be registered only once – when joining for the first time and creating SAP account. If you want to have desired custom nickname on the server (it will be used on SAP Discord too) – be sure that Steam is turned off when launching FiveM and joining SAP, and enter your nickname in FiveM Client Settings box “Player name”:

Or, if you prefer to keep Steam on – change your Steam Profile nickname as needed before joining. Your nickname is visible on server loading screen, so recheck it to be sure before account registration:

IMPORTANT NOTE 2: After disconnecting from FiveM server for any reason – it is possible to rejoin it again only by completely turning FiveM client off, exiting to Windows, then launching it again and rejoining. Otherwise it will be an infinite server loading screen.

IMPORTANT NOTE 3: SAP Server has custom ocean islands. To be able to see and visit these – make sure that “High Detail Streaming While Flying” is turned “On” in “SETTINGS” – “Advanced Graphics” when in-game after account registartion (if it was turned off when joining the server – full FiveM restart will be required later for it to take permanent effect):