SAP Statute Law

Statement of main principles and structure of SAP
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SAP Statute Law

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SAP Statute Law
(2nd Edition - acceptance date: 03/11/2020)


Present Law is main obligatory set of Rules of San Andreas Pilots Organization and it regulates SAP basis, its structure, acquiring of SAP Ranks and relations both between SAP Members and non-SAP community. This Law defines general Rules and does not deal with secondary technical aspects which are described in corresponding official regulations that serve as Annexes of this Law.

Chapter 1. Law bases


1. San Andreas Pilots, or SAP, is a free and independent Organization which is formed by a team of players consolidated by common ideas, values, and aspirations.

2. Names San Andreas Pilots and SAP are equal.


1. SAP structure is governed by this Law.

2. SAP membership and Ranks are acquired and lost according to this Law.

3. All SAP Members, SAP Applicants and SAP Cadets without exceptions have equal rights, freedoms and responsibilities according to this Law.

4. All active SAP Members receive on SAP Server rights on:
  • Private vehicles
  • IRL monthly income of in-game currency (which may be spent on SAP Server for various goods and services), depending on their Ranks

5. SAP Members and non-SAP players can receive one-time in-game payments from SAP Higher Command for their services and completion of assigned tasks.

6. SAP Server script, Website and any other SAP resources are developed by SAP Members chosen by SAP Higher Command and are not available publicly. In case if player is chosen and agrees to contribute his work results (including all sources of these) to SAP, he receives one-time in-game payment according to Rule 1.II.5 of this Law and these results become part of SAP resources and can be used and modified as needed, regardless of whether original author is a part of SAP community in the future.

7. Donations to SAP are open as a free-will gift to help with renting SAP Server, Website hosting and any other services required for SAP Organization. Minor in-game bonuses will be provided to Donators from the start until the end of next IRL calendar month after donating. Otherwise, no payment fee is required from any SAP or non-SAP players.

8. By applying for SAP membership and becoming SAP Applicant, player agrees to follow all Rules stated in this Law.

9. By contributing work results or donating to SAP Organization, player agrees with according Rule 1.II.6 \ 1.II.7 of this Law.


1. Main tasks of all SAP Members are:
  • Maintaining and developing of SAP Organization in any ways possible
  • Supporting of SAP community spirit, its values and aspirations
  • Making any positive actions directed to SAP as a whole, especially according to tasks received from SAP Higher Command

2. SAP Member’s actions can never be directed to undermining SAP principles, decaying or disturbing SAP as a team, destroying its properties, material resources or Laws.

3. SAP Member cannot insult other SAP or non-SAP players, use obscene words in verbal or written communication, be it in-game chat, SAP Website, Forum, IRL or any other communication means.

4. SAP Member cannot attack or otherwise harm on purpose other SAP Members, non-SAP players, Server NPCs, vehicles or structures, except if this is required by current in-game mission or explicitly allowed by SAP Higher Command for specified time in specified place on SAP Server.

5. SAP Member must be polite, forthcoming, supportive and honest to all other SAP and non-SAP players.

6. SAP Member, or any other player on SAP Server, cannot use cheats, exploits, or any other illegal means which provide unfair advantages to its user, except of legally allowed by SAP and stated in according regulation.

7. SAP Member cannot declare, support or discuss ideas of terrorism, racism or other extreme actions.

8. All aforementioned Rules define behavior of SAP Members within SAP community or while representing it (for example, by wearing [SAP] nickname tag) to other players or on other servers. Outside SAP community they may act based on their own free will.

Chapter 2. SAP structure


1. SAP Organization has an efficient set-up and resources for achieving its goals.

2. SAP inner organizational structure is protected by this Law and cannot be changed without changing this Law.

3. All the power in SAP is concentrated in hands of all SAP Members. Nobody can capture this power at will and govern SAP without obeying this Law.


1. An actual executor of SAP power is SAP Commander, who reasonably and wisely heads SAP Organization by all SAP Member’s trust.

2. First SAP Commander is SAP Founder. Other SAP Members may receive this Rank from previous SAP Commander after his free-will resign. Otherwise, SAP Commander’s status is permanent and he cannot be reelected.

3. SAP Commander heads SAP Organization according to his vision, recommendations received from members of SAP Higher Command and ideas received from other SAP Members (if these are approved by SAP Higher Command).

4. SAP Commander has final word in promotion to SAP Member’s Rank and demotion from it.

5. SAP Commander assigns and, if necessary - demotes members of SAP Higher Command and Heads of SAP Departments.


1. SAP Higher Command, or SAP Council, is a group of SAP Members consisting of SAP Commander, Head of Civil Department, Head of Military Department, Head of Extreme Department, Head of Emergencies Department, Head of Development Department and any additional SAP Members, based on current needs.

2. Names SAP Higher Command and SAP Council are equal.

3. SAP Higher Command acts as SAP government – discussing, voting, deciding on and resolving current problems and proposing new ideas for further development of SAP.

4. SAP Higher Command can create new Ranks, Departments and assign assistants (in case if such are needed), who should provide help according to received tasks. Any SAP Member can be selected by SAP Higher Command as an assistant, upon their agreement.

5. Tasks given by members of SAP Higher Command should be considered as priority for all SAP Members.


1. There are five main SAP Departments:
  • Civil Department
  • Military Department
  • Extreme Department
  • Emergencies Department
  • Development Department

2. Civil, Military, Extreme and Emergencies Departments serve for RP purposes and testing of Cadets, who applied for SAP membership (see below).

3. Development Department is dedicated to uniting players, who contribute to and help with SAP development (Server, Website, Community content, etc.) and it consists of sub-departments, known as Guilds. Members of each Guild are invited to share their knowledge among other Guild Members and help them to improve their skills in appropriate field. The Head of Development Department must be a SAP Member, but Guild Members may be chosen and assigned by SAP Higher Command from both those SAP and non-SAP players, who provided content, which was already accepted and published on SAP Server. One player can be a Member of multiple Guilds at the same time. A player can be demoted from a Guild of Development Department for 1 IRL year of inactivity. There are three Guilds in Development Department:
  • Scripters Guild
  • Mappers Guild
  • Graphic Designers Guild

4. Departments are guided by appropriate Heads of Departments who choose (and also might be themselves) Instructors from other SAP Members for their Departments, who test and examine SAP Cadets for promotion to SAP Member’s Rank.

5. In case of emergencies, such as illness or current absence of Head of a certain Department, their functions can be temporarily provided by any other SAP Higher Command member. On the contrary, Instructors cannot replace each other and one SAP Member can work as Instructor in only one SAP Department.

6. Detailed information about purpose and Aims of SAP Departments and according Cadet’s testing specifications and requirements are stated in according Annexes of this Law. Contents of these Annexes can be created and updated only by Heads of appropriate Departments.

Chapter 3. Acquiring and loosing of SAP Member’s Rank


1. SAP membership is available for all players and does not depends on one’s nationality, gender, age, social status or religion.

2. Players from other virtual groups can also apply for SAP Member’s Rank, but in this case, while playing on SAP Server, they are considered as part of SAP community and are required to remove other nickname tags (if any). If player did not apply, he may continue using his current nickname with any tags freely.

3. In order to receive SAP Member’s Rank and use [SAP] nickname tag, player must:
  • Be promoted to SAP Applicant’s Rank
  • Acquire 3 000 IRL flying minutes on SAP Server
  • Be promoted to SAP Cadet’s Rank
  • Pass all required theoretical and practical tests and examinations in SAP Departments
  • Be promoted to SAP Member’s Rank

4. Players who were promoted to SAP Member’s Rank previously and return, can regain this Rank without formal application, passing tests and examinations. The only requirements are acquiring of additional 3 000 IRL flying minutes on SAP Server and full acceptance of this Law.

5. Cadet’s testing and examinations are initiated by Cadet himself in appropriate SAP Forum thread. Staff of SAP Departments cannot enforce SAP Cadet to pass tests, they can only agree upon and confirm testing time and place upon receiving Cadet’s request.

6. If required by Cadet, Instructor should explain in details and demonstrate testing procedure before the test itself.

7. After completion of a test, according Instructor must post test results in appropriate SAP Forum thread.

8. SAP Cadets should start tests fully prepared, because in case of a failed test, there is a delay of at least 1 IRL week, before another attempt of this test can be made. And there must be a delay of at least 3 IRL days between tests in different SAP Departments.


1. Violation of any Rule of this Law by SAP Member, SAP Applicant or SAP Cadet is sanctioned by SAP Higher Command. Disciplination can take forms from simple warnings to assigning probation periods, jailing on SAP Server, demoting Ranks and even banning from SAP Member’s Rank, SAP Server and Website in extreme cases.

2. SAP Cadets can also be demoted in case of being inactive for 6 IRL months on SAP Server. In this case they must acquire additional 3 000 IRL flying minutes to regain this Rank.

3. SAP Members, Applicants and Cadets cannot be demoted without official explanation publicly stated on SAP Forum.

Chapter 4. Final statements

1. Present Law has the highest law power and in case if any other official document contradicts this Law, Rules of this Law are considered as prevailing.

2. This Law can be changed only by SAP Higher Command and accepted and published by SAP Commander.

3. This Law has its power from the moment of its acceptance (which is uniquely identified by acceptance date) until the moment when next Law update is published on SAP Forum.