Attention!!! Bonus content will be provided starting with 01.06.2021 – see SAP Law 1.II.7

If you would like to donate to SAP (for helping with paying Server / Website hosting fees, slots, etc.) – see below.

After donating – please contact [SAP]Ontario (for example – via SAP Forum private message) and provide your PayPal account name and SAP Server account name, so we can track and map all donations properly.

Those, who provided mentioned information, will get freely chosen unoccupied Land property with a house (to which you can always teleport) on SAP Server, 2 free private (stock) land / sea vehicles and 2 free private (stock) aircrafts (with an ability to choose colors, number plates, etc.), and faster healing in hospital. All this will be provided from the start until the end of next IRL calendar month!

To donate, press the button below: