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Our community is dedicated to roleplaying aviation domain in GTA. Our history spans many years, since we started with SA:MP server in 2006 and now we entered modern era in FiveM. If you are dedicated and forthcoming player who wants to roleplay aviation and improve your flying skills in GTA – we will be glad to have you with us!


Our FiveM server IP:

If you’ll ever want to join our team and use [SAP] tag in front of your nickname – start with flying aircrafts on our server and leave an application to become SAP Applicant. Your flying minutes on server will be logged automatically and upon reaching 3 000 flying minutes you’ll be able to promote your rank to SAP Cadet who can pass flying and theoretical exams with our instructors to become full-fledged SAP Member.

So thank you for coming, see you on our server and above the clouds! 😉


On behalf of our community,
SAP Commander